Full Service Website Solutions

What Separates Our WordPress Website Solutions?

Simple content management tools mean that any authorized user from administrative staff to the CEO can publish and update information

 WordPress Support & Training for website beginners, learn your way around

Ad Management tools give site owners the ability to monetize content, generate revenue and provide advertisers with detailed reports and statistics

Blogging, commenting, polls, RSS feeds and other tools allow users to move and publish content between popular social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube

Easy video upload and management tools allow users to publish videos directly from their phone, camera or other device without having to deal with cumbersome conversion tools and unknown formats

Optimized Google Local Pages will result in increased leads for multiple keyword targets

Photo galleries, calendars and forms encourage visitors to continuously access the site for up-to-date information

Meta data is published for each piece of content thereby boosting a site’s potential search engine positioning every time the site is updated

Specialized WordPress Website Solutions

WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the largest CMS (content management system) used today by businesses of all sizes. WP started off as a blogging tool and is now a leader as a CMS. Today there are more than 75 Million WordPress sites on the Internet using it and its growing at an exceptional rate! In the past if you wanted a web presence, you had to not only hire a developer to create your site, but also to maintain it. WordPress gives you the ability to maintain your website without the need for a developer.

WordPress ECommerce

ECommerce Solutions I provide range from simple, online donations to custom systems that manage thousands of items. Our custom shopping cart with social tools that include comments, email to friend, bookmark and publishing capabilities for Facebook and other social networking sites. Product descriptions can include video and other multimedia elements that provide a greater level of customer interaction with the items.

WordPress Web Design

Say good-bye to the expense and worry of paying a web designer to update your online business. I will build your site in an intuitive content management system, which means that you can update your own website, without web development experience. If you’d like to save money and gain control, learn about our proven system that integrates content management systems. A great website design is one of the most effective ways to bring results to your business.

WordPress Support

You never know when those pesky website bugs will appear. Don’t worry, I’ll get you back up and running quickly. I offer great rates on one time fixes as well as ongoing maintenance efforts. Ongoing maintenance includes keeping your install and plugins up to date and secure in addition to optimizing your site for speed. I may throw a few good ideas at you on ways to improve your site in the future!

Responsive Websites

Today, more and more people are accessing websites using their mobile devices. Because of this, the number of people visiting websites from their laptops and desktop computers is decreasing. I believe in strongly using a responsive design opposed to a mobile website because you will have one less website to update each month. My designer will style your website around multiple device sizes using responsive design to deliver the best viewing experience, using your existing website and content.

Local SEO

I help local businesses gain high exposure in search results. Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, dentist, attorney, etc. Your business will achieve an established online presence using our proven processes. Close to 80% of mobile searches for a local product or service result in an offline purchase. This statistic alone should make it obvious that any local business that wants to become successful or stay competitive needs to have a mobile SEO strategy, easily deployed through WordPress.


I am helping small businesses attract & retain more clients with result driven internet marketing and online advertising solutions. I understand that you have a business to run, so let me do worry about your internet marketing. Considering the overwhelming internet traffic today, you don’t want to spend the amount of time it truly takes to make your site worth while.