WordPress Development in Kansas City

I have built my reputation around developing and perfecting responsive web solutions for all types of clients. Responsive web development delivers a consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices which helps branding and messaging consistent. All WordPress themes we produce will be 100% custom — not a theme we purchase for $50, slap on your logo and push it out the door.

Developing a website that will respond regardless of device or screen size improves your SEO results immensely. According to the Big G directly, Google now favorably ranks sites that are mobile-friendly. My clients have all seen a marked improvement in both lead quality and conversion since upgrading to a responsive site.

I work hard to be an innovator in the world of WordPress design and development. I am constantly researching and testing web trends and add innovative features to our client’s websites based on their industry and the desired functionality needed.

My graphic designers come from vastly different backgrounds and points of view, one of many reasons that no matter the client, my guys find a way to get inside of the business and design for it as if it were their own. The designers work with you implement visually appealing functional design not only for your website, but any other branded media as well.

I am ready and waiting to create lasting visuals and a strong design that reflects the central theme of your business, crafting an effective message that will attract and convert those digital window shoppers.